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How do you fuel your passion for making art?

Oh my goodness so many things fuel my passion for making art,  where to begin? Curiosity, imagination, envisioning, play, exploration, mindset, quiet time, nature, meditation, taking breaks, spending quality time with family and friends, learning new techniques, journaling, being inspired and inspiring others, in-depth conversations. And probably many other things I’ll think of after this – ha!

Currently, I would say curiosity is high on the list for what fuels my passion the most these days. I’ve always been curious about life and our creativity. Exploration is huge as well! Being curious in exploring and playing, seeing and feeling my way while creating. Working on getting on board with my creative flow, tapping into my innate creativity. Which means working on shedding the thoughts of “will anyone resonate with my art”  and instead by making art that feels in alignment to me.

Inspiration but not always straightforward inspiration, as in “waiting for inspiration ” to create, or only creating when inspiration hits me. That definitely happens and love when it does, but not always. More like taking ‘inspired action’ or inspired ‘non-action’. It may sound counterproductive but taking spaces away from actively creating helps me get in touch with my innate creativity just as much as the process of creating a painting.

I’ve also learned to trust my intuition more – together with my curiosity. Being curious of how to push beyond my current skill sets and leaning into my intuitive creative side has been so helpful. It is a journey and I have way more “failures” than “successful” paintings that I feel are ready to sell. I practice a lot and most don’t make the cut for the vision I have for my art. I’m learning to embrace this part more, and I’m grateful for my failures and the struggles that come with creating art. I didn’t always feel this way I used to feel I had to create perfection somehow – ha! That’s funny because it really is the opposite of what and why I create now.

Spending quality time with my family, friends and cherished ones also is good for my Soul. Realizing it is the ordinary moments that become the extraordinary, these moments are priceless. Having deep conversations about life with either loved ones, friends or total strangers become beautiful opportunities for inspiration and catalyst for strengthening our passion to make art that feels so meaningful to me.

All these things and more bring beautiful awareness. You know that feeling of; connecting with others in a pure authentic way, creating a piece of art in utter alignment-flow or listening to music, the kind that touches something so innate within us, it’s soul-soothing and soul-shattering all at once. You really feel alive, connected to everyone and everything – it’s in these experiences that we are touched so deeply. When everything else suddenly falls away and we are truly present. It’s like we fall in sync with the rhythm or the frequency of who we really are. It’s this experience or happening that makes me more curious to push further. Glimpses into my wholeness, our wholeness, the wholeness of the universe, God, Goddess, Spirit, Universe, Creator, Mama Earth, oneness. It’s really hard to describe or fully grasp. This definitely is something that fuels my passion to create.

If all else fails there’s always Pinterest – ha!

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