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Renee Mueller

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Renee received a BFA from the University of Michigan where she studied Art History, Dance, and Choreography. She danced professionally and had the honor of teaching dance at the University of Michigan’s Musical Theater and Theater Departments.

Most of Renee’s life has been spent in the dance studio and the theater. Because of this, she has had the privilege to work with many talented dancers, costume designers, set designers, lighting designers and musicians. One of the many things that Renee learned from this experience in the performing arts was to honor your ideas and devote yourself to a subject. Also, to share, support, and collaborate.

Once Renee decided to “exit stage left” she found it challenging to find another creative outlet. Like many of us, she loved to draw, paint and create as a child, but never really invested a tremendous amount of time in cultivating that practice. About six or seven years ago Renee began drawing again and decided to commit to a daily practice. She was challenged and inspired. So, she continue to practice, experiment with materials and allow her ideas to guide her through the process.

When creating art, Renee drew upon the many methods she learned as a dancer, choreographer, and teacher. Research, gathering inspiration, honoring my point of view and sharing ideas.

It is Renee’s hope that by sharing her creative practices, process, techniques and what inspires her, you will find something that works for you.


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