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Denise Braun

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Denise’s first memories of art occurred around age 8. Her 2nd grade teacher, Mrs. Hirsch, told her, “You are very talented and artistic, but you need discipline.” So naturally, Denise rebelled against any formal art training, and found herself doodling all over her high school and college notebooks. Her mother, a professional artist, would drag Denise and her sister to every art museum west of the Mississippi, hoping her daughters would catch the ‘art bug.’

But when college rolled around, Denise decided to pursue a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology. So naturally, today, Denise merrily combines art, therapy and inspiration into her own style of creative and flowing art. Her focus? Joy. Her mission? To open up the creative vault in every person who happens to smile when they see her pieces. Her style is eclectic and bright. Her favorite way to create? Quickly without thinking. “It helps clear the cobwebs out of the judgmental part of our brains.”

Denise is a certified hypnotherapist and intuitive clinician who supports adult and child clients as they overcome multitudes of blocks and symptoms. She enjoys traveling to teach art workshops across the US, and adores her small art studio in Atascadero, CA, where she lives with her husband, three daughters, 9 chickens, Chihuahua and 4 cats and 10 week old Golden Retriever puppy. Oh. And she enjoys playing the Ukulele. 



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