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Deanna Marree

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I’m Deanna. (Deee-anna). 

I’m a painter, illustrator, artrepreneur & creativity kickstarter.

I’ve been rebelling against the 9-5 grind since 2008, tenaciously carving my own creative path and changing my world one brushstroke at a time.

I believe that creativity is at the core of who we are as humans, and that each person has unique talents and abilities that should be explored and nurtured.

For the past 10 years I’ve been exploring my own creative potential through painting, illustrating, making and writing.

My art is bright, happy, illustrative and always inspired by nature. In my work, my love and appreciation for the beauty that surrounds us in the natural world is intrinsically intertwined with my passion for color and creativity. The magic happens when I’m able to capture the essence of nature, and the wonderment of the world around me on my canvas or page.  

My world is colorful, and I like to bring a playful spirit to a blank page, but I’m also in an ongoing struggle with my inner perfectionist which sometimes creates an awkward tension as I paint. I am learning to quieten my mind and let go of the fear, surrendering to the creative process with more ease.

I’m passionate about inspiring others to explore their creativity, and giving them the tips and tools they need to unlock their creative potential! In 2017 I founded Deanna Maree Creative Studio, and began teaching painting through online classes, sharing my own insights into the creative process and helping my students embrace imperfection and get that paint flowing!

When I don’t have a brush in my hand, you’ll most likely find me outdoors, sitting by a creek or river listening to the sound of birds singing, climbing a mountain, or exploring some place new. Nothing makes me happier than sunshine on my back, wind in my hair and soft grass underfoot.



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